Three Levels of Hands Attaching Practice
Three Levels of Hands Attaching Practice
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Use the power of your Dan Tian and Tai Chi Ball to attach to your opponent, or to the universe! Master Liao dissects the critical form Hands Attaching, offering new levels of insight and new levels of practice -- physical, mental and spiritual.

When practicing Taichi, you are always attached to something -- whether it is your opponent or practice partner, or the outside energy of the universe. By keeping this in mind, you will use correct concentration on the energy sphere expanding from your Dan Tian. Find out how on this DVD.

Also, Master Liao uses Hands Attaching to give direct examples of what it really means to "move from your Dan Tian." This advanced level DVD is for those who want to not only increase their feeling of Chi, but now want to go further and start to move and use that feeling.

This DVD is especially critical for those who wish to bring sensitivity and power to Two-Person (or "pushing hands") practice.

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