Internal Work to Open Neck, Shoulder and Waist
Internal Work to Open Neck, Shoulder and Waist
Level: ALL
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Take your warm up to the next level, turning it into a tool for maximum Chi Flow, with this intensive DVD. Master Liao shows you how to turn the neck by using your eyes to guide the movement of your energy, letting your body follow along. You'll learn how to simultaneously look ahead and look behind you to gain complete awareness of the back of your neck.

Everybody knows you can loosen your shoulder by rotating it vertically. But did you know that you can also practice by rotating it on all three axes of motion? These and other exercises help you break through the limits in your understanding of your body's potential range of motion.

Master Liao delves into our single-cell origin, and how our single cell worked to build our entire body. You'll learn that studying how a single cell flows is another key to understanding Taichi.

You'll also learn how our waist and tailbone fused and became "locked" as a sacrifice to our learning to stand upright. In order to restore a natural and original range of motion, Master Liao shows you practice exercises to separate your waist and restore a full range of motion and flow in your pelvis. This will have a profound ripple effect, benefitting your knees and ankles as well.

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