Learn to Connect and Broadcast - 6 Disc Set
Learn to Connect and Broadcast - 6 Disc Set
Level: Advanced
Our Price: $250.00


Live recording from a 2014 seminar for advanced students in Tucson, AZ. Master Liao offers flow, form corrections, and fundamental principles behind connecting to your original energy and broadcasting an energy signal.

The best part of this set is that you'll get a variety of instruction, including lecture, practice tips and follow-along Chi flow sessions.

(This set was recorded at the same time as the 2-disc set, "Hollow Fist Training." After learning the power principles here, take them into your two-person training by ordering these two together.)

Disc 1: Flow With No Restriction

Chapters: Starting at Your Tan Tien ~ Coordinate Feet and Center ~ Coordinate Wrist Motion ~ Keeping Weight Off Your Feet ~ Chi Ability and the Utmost Truth ~ Learning to Follow Utmost Truth ~ Unlimited Means No Restriction.

Disc 2: The Focus and Rewards of Practice

Chapters: The Effect of Yin and Yang ~ Moving Meditation: Visible and Invisible ~ The Root Ability of Senses ~ We Come with a History ~ Focus on Tan Tien ~ Meditative State, True Feeling, Practice Points ~ Teaching Cows and Teaching Truth ~ Different Practice, Different Rewards.

Disc 3: Broadcasting Fundamentals and Spiritual Truth

Chapters: Broadcast and Receive ~ Connect to Everything in All Directions ~ Te, Broadcasting, Prayer and Thinking ~ Practicing with Center ~ Turn and Split Taichi Ball ~ Internal and External Taichi Ball ~ The Nature of Spiritual Energy ~ Sincerity, Chi Application and the Afterlife.

Disc 4: True Power for Application

Chapters: Te and Taichi Ball: Key to Application ~ Lessons from the Bible ~ Physical, Mental and Spiritual Level ~ Real vs. Fake ~ Follow that Weak Force ~ Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push ~ Stay Connected to God's Power ~ Single Hand Push Demonstration.

Disc 5: Guided Flow with Master Liao

Chapters: Inward Outward, Upward Downward ~ Raised Hands Stance ~ Taichi Stance and Split Taichi Ball ~ Hands Attaching and Single Hand Push ~ Plant Seed in Fertile Soil ~ Five-Style Steps ~ Single Whip.

Disc 6: Meditative Flow with Master Liao

Chapters: Long Hand - Short Hand ~ Repulse Monkey ~ Compress Taichi Ball Meditation

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