Hollow Fist Training - 2 Disc Set
Hollow Fist Training - 2 Disc Set
Level: Advanced
Our Price: $180.00


These two DVDs were recorded at the same seminar as the set "Learn to Connect and Broadcast." Master Liao shows you how to use your broadcasting power within a Taichi Ball during two-person practice. Specifically, you'll learn to use the energy of Taichi Ball inside a hollow fist in two two-person training exercises featuring Punch Form.

You can use the Taichi Ball both in delivering Punch Form or in neutralizing a punch. You can do the practice with one fist or two fists. This exercise has never been recorded before, and will take your two-person training to a new level.


Disc 1: Two Person Hollow Fist

In this paired practice, you'll each use one hollow fist and one blocking or neutralizing palm.  Master shows you how to use the broadcasting power in Taichi Ball in both a hollow fist, and in a neutralizing palm.

Disc 2: Two Hollow Fists Practice

When each partner takes turns using two hollow fists, or two neutralizing palms, it's a great opportunity to play with the forces of Yin and Yang. Master demonstrates that by separating Yin and Yang, you can easily off-balance an opponent.


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