Taichi Gong Fu - 4 Disc Set
Taichi Gong Fu - 4 Disc Set
Level: Advanced
Our Price: $250.00


"Gong Fu" means "capacity and technique." It can refer to any skill that takes time and energy to develop. A good chef can be said to have gong fu, or a famous sculptor.

Likewise, mastering Taichi requires time and energy spent in correct practice to expand your capacity and technique. In these four DVDs, Master Waysun Liao will show you practice tips to expand your Taichi Gong Fu.

This set was filmed LIVE at a special seminar for advanced students in Tucson in 2013.  Sold as a set only. Below are the titles of each disc and the chapters you'll enjoy:

Disc One: The Gong Fu of Flow

Flowing Figure Eight in Beginning Stance ~ Augmenting Figure Eight Flow with Tailbone ~ Enhancing Connection Through Tailbone ~ Minding Your Own Business ~ Restoring Feeling: Key to All Applications ~ Feel and Move the Whole Body ~ Trust Feeling Over Thinking

Disc Two: The Gong Fu of Following

Flow in Long Hand- Short Hand ~ Shallow vs. Deep Frame of Motion ~ Feel and Flow Out of the Way ~ Practice Following ~ Circular Motion, True Feeling, Unlimited Capacity ~ Circling Taichi Ball Outside and Inside

Disc Three: Tail Wiggles Dog

Tail Wiggles the Dog ~ Old Way of Teaching for a New Lifestyle ~ Variations on Tail Wiggles Dog with Wrists ~ Apply to Upward-Downward, Inward-Outward ~ Goal of Changing the Change ~ Apply Tail Wiggles Dog to Hands Attaching

Disc Four: The Gong Fu of Single Whip

Flat and Even ~ Wrist: Tail Wiggles Dog ~ Adding Split Form ~ Step Work ~ Beyond Names Into Natural Way ~ Flow Means Change, Freedom and No Enemy

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