Why the Dan Tian is the Center of Moving Meditation
Why the Dan Tian is the Center of Moving Meditation
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How can we work with our life energy? One word: FEELING. Where is the spot where your life energy originates? The Dan Tian. Master Liao gives you a simple yet powerful introduction to where the Dan Tian is, and how to meditate using your feeling to find and wake up that spot.

You will learn how and why so much of your life energy was diverted to your mind, and how to return that energy back to where it belongs. This restorative meditation can be applied in any single form. This DVD is also perfect for those studying any variety of Taichi style or under any instructor. Why? Because adding this simple principle will enrich any form you are currently learning.

What's more, this simple technique will improve your form. Once you concentrate on your Dan Tian by using your feeling, your Taichi will look more like "real" Taichi -- full, slow and rich.

Your original energy has a program that can tell you what to do, and bring your bodily organs back into harmony. That positive and correct signal gets stronger the more you meditate with these techniques. You will evolve from an ordinary person to a "Taichi person" and move increasingly toward harmony.

(Those who enjoy the material on this DVD will want to follow up with the more in-depth advanced material contained in the two-disc set "How to Locate the Dan Tian" where Master expands on additional meditation techniques to zero in on this living energy center.)

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