"Sunday Chi Sessions" Series - more added!
"Sunday Chi Sessions" Series - more added!
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"Sunday Chi Sessions" is a continually expanding collection of recorded classes given by Master Waysun Liao to a small group of select advanced students. During these classes, Master gives unique and powerful instruction, with diagrams on the board, about working with Chi and establishing a connection with Te and Tao. There are simply no other teachings like these in our system.

Each DVD is numbered and dated so that you can collect the entire series as we add to it with each newly recorded class.  This also enables you to work along with the class chronologically, building your understanding and developing your energy.

Call or email to check your eligiblity to purchase Private Invitation DVDs, and start collecting these today.

Explore these dynamic topics to build your practice and your ability to work with energy:

  1. Learning to Follow - Part One
  2. Learning to Follow - Part Two
  3. Learning to Follow - Part Three
  4. Feel, Flow and Separate Visible from Invisible
  5. Playing with Large and Small
  6. Taichi Principles to Reach Tao
  7. The Power of Motion and Stillness
  8. Establishing Eight Directions in Taichi Stance
  9. Complete Taichi Through Long Hand Short Hand
  10. Hold Taichi Ball and Other Tao Parables
  11. How to Develop Explosive Chi Power
  12. Special Archive Recording:
    How to Integrate Internal and External Energy
  13. Flow in Beginning Stance and Bow
  14. Reduce Thinking to Reach Te
  15. Relax Wrists to Accommodate Universal Energy




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