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Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of DVDs preserving the best, most traditional and authentic Taichi training in the world. Our DVDs are live recorded teachings of real classes from a real master.Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Taichi player, these DVDs will infuse your practice with Chi!

Are you new to Taichi? Would you like to learn how to practice Taichi the right way, so that you can truly feel your life energy?

See "Where to Begin?"

Have you already studied Taichi, and now feel ready to strengthen, purify and refine your Chi for even greater benefits and real Chi power?

Challenge yourself with "DVDs to Flow, Strengthen and Use Your Chi."

Do you have questions about the Tao and the ancient roots of Taichi wisdom?

You'll love the DVDs in "Learn About Tao."

Want to experience a live in-depth seminar with Master Liao in your own home?

Check out our Complete Seminars on DVD.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, Master Liao's DVD Taichi training can take you to the next level!

Taichi is a lifelong journey with a vast body of wisdom behind it from centuries of masters. Nobody can claim to teach or learn Taichi from just one DVD. That's why Master Liao has created a vast "university" of Taichi wisdom recorded just for you.